Deitsalms 01:01

Deitsalms 01:01

The Woes of a Fashionista in COVID-19 Times, and How to Sort Them

As the fireworks went up and declared the commencement of 2020, probably none of us could have imagined a year like this. The cocktail parties, the bonfire nights, the gallery openings – so many things to look forward to, yet all gone in a poof! Life as we once knew it has changed. As I sit in my pajamas writing this, I ask, “How can a fashionista thrive during these unprecedented times?”. I can see multiple wedding invitations and Save the Date! letters lying on my bedside table, yet my heart sighs. Such invites ignited a glint in my eye as I could imagined myself dressing up in gorgeous gowns, wearing my newly bought stilettos and walking out the door. Today, with the arrival of COVID-19, the simple act of “walking out the door” has even been interrupted, let alone the idea of dressing up. I suddenly have a closet full of clothes (for once), yet nowhere to go. Embracing comfort over style and settling into the “au naturale” vibes. I still long for the days I can put on my 100mm’s and dash out the door to my dinner (that I am already running 20 minutes late for). Oh! Those were the days. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and in no way do current circumstances call for a dull mood and no dress-up. While there aren’t parties to dress for, nor award ceremonies to attend, it is time to adjust to the new norm; staying at home and killing the home fashion. Confused? What I mean when I say, “home fashion”? Let’s place it this way: while we might have to stay home, our soul wanders, and with it our inner fashionista. Of course, while we continue to work, eat, clean, go for grocery-runs, why must we stop our favorite therapy – retail therapy? The first thing we ought to do in these times is: Chin up, spirit lifted, and a dress change. Spray your favorite scent on your clothes before donning them, and suddenly your day shall feel a million times better. Next, let’s find ways to calm our inner fashionista, and make sure we do not let go of our impeccable fashion sense.   

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Work From Home Attires

The arrival of lockdowns and the work from home routine has resulted in us spending the 9 to 5 office hours in front of a laptop screen, wearing the same night suit we woke up in. While a cup of coffee may feel like enough to boost you for the day and prepare you to commence work, it seldom works. Procrastination is at its peak and our phone (and Insta!) are forever beckoning us to prioritize them over work (which we usually end up doing).

How do we stop this procrastination and be our most productive selves while working from home? Don your work outfit! As the frills of a classic white button-down shirt caress our body, and our legs feel the warmth of high-waisted pants, suddenly everything feels more formal, and we (or I at least) can immediately imagine Beyonce exclaiming behind me:

Who run the world? Girls!

If you love wearing pops of color to light up your (and the other’s) screen, this Double-layered wrap belt jacket in emerald green is just the thing you need to return the spice to life. On the other hand, if you have to head a Zoom meeting and feel you need to appear bold yet beautiful, make your mark and have your voice heard by this surreal Double-pleated tuxedo long coat in glamorous black.

Virtual Bonding Sessions

Apart from work calls, suddenly quarantining has invoked the dawn of the Houseparty app again and suddenly every member of the family hops on the bandwagon to discuss the day and play a few games alongside. But of course, a virtual meetup on a video call application still qualifies for a meetup. Therefore, you must dress to stun. This means, it is time to take out the clothes you have worn countless times to family gatherings and replace them with newer yet comfier wear.

What better comfort could there be than to don the Stretchy wide leg viscose layered trousers in stunning scarlet red constructed with a lightweight fabric and a built in corset to flatten and conceal the curves we gained during quarantine. This trouser is exactly the right pick for this hot weather.

Take up the ‘Don’t Rush’ Challenge – With a New Outfit, Of course! 

You might have seen (or even starred in) videos of the Don’t’ Rush challenge doing rounds on the internet. A reminder that people merely need a reason to dress up and lighten up the mood during such troublesome times, it is time you made your own rendition of the Don’t Rush challenge, especially if you haven’t yet.

Raid your wardrobe for something you probably would’ve worn to the Oscars (nothing hurts wishful thinking, eh?). Or if you can’t find something screaming glitz and glamour, opt for this Silky corset gartered overcoat dress in ravishing gold or divine black. Pair it with earrings and high heels, a fresh coat of nail pant, and immediately call your friends to dress up and join in the challenge. Staying home safe, yet dressing up to have fun? Yes please!

Fashionable Grocery Runs

Although a lockdown has been imposed in many countries of the world, we do have to leave our homes for necessary chores. This means grocery runs are a must-have, unless you shop online. However, these grocery runs do not have to be like the ones pre-COVID19. While earlier we may have stepped outside in our pajamas, today, these grocery runs mean a lot more. They are a reason to wander out, feel the fresh air, and calm our inner selves. All of this is better possible when we are dressed like our happy selves. Wear the top you’ve always wanted to, put on your favorite accessories, don those high heels and go grocery shopping!

Remember though, it’s pretty hot, so summer-friendly attires are a better choice. A personal favorite is the stretch wool pencil skirt with darts. Baring just enough skin to not feel warm, yet feeling stylish – this is the attire to don for fashionable grocery runs.

While current times may feel overpowering and despairing, do not lose heart. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and instead of trudging hopelessly, we must straighten our backs, lift our head, and catwalk towards it as a model would on the ramp: with finesse, confidence, and the will to make it.


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Deitsalms 01:01

Deitsalms 01:01

The Woes of a Fashionista in COVID-19 Times, and How to Sort Them As the fireworks went up and declared the commencement of 2020, probably

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